Living in London From well known historical landmarks to the local food markets, engineering students will call London home for 6 special weeks.
Living in London
Find out about the Summer Engineering Program The London Eye is a famous landmark close to the Notre Dame London Dormitory.
Find out about the Summer Engineering Program
The Program Events during the six-weeks The Engineering Summer Program brings students to famous cites, like the Tower Bridge, throughout the city.
The Program Events during the six-weeks

Welcome to the London Summer Engineering Program 2020

Study abroad in London for 6 weeks during the summer of 2020.  Students live in central London and take 2 engineering classes at Notre Dame's London Centre.  Students explore layers of history, visit famous monuments, and experience life in one of the world's greatest city.  

Traveling in Europe

two students in Park Güell in Barcelona looking over the city Get tips about traveling outside of London during the summer program.  

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Living in London

Find more information about what it is like to live abroad in central London.

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The Summer Engineering Program is a great experience for all undergraduate engineers.  In the six-week program, students take two engineering classes (six credits), go on program excursions to the highlights of London, and live in central London! 

WHY London?

London is one of the greatest cities in the world.  It is the birthplace of the Industrial Revolution, and it holds centuries of history.  London is a global city, so in addition to the British culture, the city has many international influences.  London is known for its architecture, museums, theater district, fashion, and nightlife.  London is also a good option for students looking to study abroad who do not know a second language.  

WHY Summer?

Summer is a great time to study abroad because students don't miss being on campus in the fall and spring.  It is a good time to live in another country because there is more going on in the summer.  Taking classes in the summer allows students to get ahead in their credits so they can have more flexibility in their schedule later.  

Student Forms

Get all the forms students will need for the program.

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