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The summer program is for undergraduate engineers of all majors and all class years, to take two engineering classes in London. Residents live in Notre Dame's Conway Hall and take classes in Notre Dame's London Centre. Studying in London is great experience because students have the opportunity to immerse themselves in the English culture.

students with London Skyline in background


The Summer Engineering London Program is a unique opportunity for all undergraduate engineers to explore London while taking two classes for six weeks.  Students live in Notre Dame's Conway Hall, close to Waterloo Station, and take classes at Notre Dame's Fischer Hall, near Trafalgar Square.  Classes are in the morning, allowing students to have time to explore the city.  Both classes are engineering electives, taught by Notre Dame professors.  In 2017, 50 students went on the program. 

The program recognizes that because professional engineers practice in an international environment, they must be responsible to global technological progress as well as social concerns.  Students who participate in the international study programs are exposed to technological achievements in other countries and the everyday life in those countries.  Students become aware of the world, their voice in it, and their responsibilities to it.  

View the 2016 Program Calendar.  The 2018 schedule will be similar regarding class days and events, but the dates will change.

London Map with classroom and ND London Centre labeled

Key Points 

Open to undergraduate engineers of all majors, and all class years

Six week program: May 20, 2018 through July 1, 2018

2 engineering classes (6 credits)

Cultural and engineering based excursions included in the program

Living and taking classes in central London 

Long weekends allowing for European travel 

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