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Financial Costs

The student fees for the 2018 Summer Engineering Program in London are $7,500.    This includes $6,120 for Notre Dame tuition.  Also included are housing, program events, round-trip airfare from Chicago or New York, and program costs.  

Financial aid packages and scholarship programs are available.  There is no additional form for financial aid.  All ND student applicant information is sent to Notre Dame's office of Financial Aid.  That office will determine who is eligible.  Eligible students will be notified of their grants and amounts in December, within a few days of hearing their acceptance into the program.  Past grant awards have ranged from $1,200- $4,600.  For more information, contact Michael Kitz, program director, at mkitz@nd.edu.

Students are responsible for their own meal costs, transportations, and entertainment. Typical food costs for the program are between $800- $1000.  Transportation, souvenirs, and entertainment in London are between $300- $400.  Private travel in Europe is between $400- $800 per 3 night trip depending on the location, the airline, and the accommodation choices.  

Be sure to check the exchange rate before leaving the United States.  In September 2017, the exchange rate is about $1.34 per British Pound.  But this can change, day to day.

The best exchange rate is at the ATM or by using a Credit Card.  The rate at which the bank sells pounds is generally 5 to 10 pence per pound above foreign exchange rate.