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Students on the Summer program will take 2 classes, 3 credits each, for a total of 6 credits.  Classes are in the morning, and each class is 2 hours long.  These courses are technical electives in almost all engineering curricula.  Please review your courses with your Engineering Academic Advisor.  Aerospace Engineering Majors must review courses for degree eligibility with their Engineering Academic Advisor.

The classes feature lectures, homework assignments, and examinations.  

Ethics and Professional Issues in Engineering

Taught by Kevin Bowyer

This course seeks to develop a solid foundation for reasoning about ethical, professional, and social issues that arise in the engineering professions. Emphasis is placed on identifying appropriate legal, professional and moral contexts and on applying sound critical thinking skills to a problem. Topics covered include professional codes of ethics, safety-critical systems, whistle-blowing, intellectual property, cross-cultural issues, privacy and surveillance and freedom of speech. This course relies heavily on analysis of real-world case studies. Primary case study topics that are covered in class are selected to appeal to the broad range of majors in the College of Engineering.

Engineering Communications

Taught by Yahya Kurama

Written and oral communication is a critical component of engineering, whether your specialty is civil, mechanical, electrical, chemical, computer, or any other engineering discipline. This course will help you develop clear and effective communication skills for the workplace, where engineers must be able to interpret and present evidence-based and persuasive arguments, resolve ethical issues, and engage with technical as well as non-technical stakeholders. As part of the course, students will produce written reports, give group as well as individual oral presentations, and prepare electronic documents culminating in a technical proposal to solve a sustainability issue relevant to their engineering discipline and to the country/city of their Summer Engineering Program. 

Program Events 

In addition to the 2 classes, students participate in program outings throughout London.  They include excursions of cultural and engineering significance. Click here for more information.