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Program Events

Program events are cultural and technology based trips included in the summer program.

In addition to classroom experiences, the Summer Engineering Program includes events throughout London. These activities are designed to involve students in the culture and technology of London. 

Three students with Borough Market Background

These events are included in the cost of the program.  They give students the opportunity to experience the highlights of London.  Students list these activities as some of the highlights of their time abroad.  

Every year students visit the Tower of London, go on a Big Bus tour of Central London, take a river cruise on the Thames, go to a production at Shakespeare's Globe Theater, and attend 2 West End Musicals.  

These events can change year to year.  The 2017 Program went on a field trip to Bletchley Park for their Wireless Communications Class.  Bletchley Park is where the code of the Germans during WWII were deciphered, and was featured in the movie The Imitation Game

Tower of London

The Tower of London was the home of the English Monarchs for more than 700 years.  Located right on the River Thames, the Tower is rich with British history.  The buildings have been used as a royal residency, royal mint, prison, and execution cite.  Visitors to the Tower can see the fortress and grounds, look at
medieval armor and torture devises, and marvel at the Crown Jewels.  

The Summer Engineering Program takes students on a guided tour of the Tower of London.  Learn more about the Tower here

Big Bus Tour

Big Bus tours of London takes people to see the city on a double decker bus.  They see some of London's greatest sights, including Buckingham Palace, Parliament and Big Ben, Westminster Abby, and Tower Bridge along with great commentary and information about the city.  

The program charters their own bus with a private guide.  Visit the Big Bus Tour's website here

Students posing at the Prime Meridian in Greenwich

Thames River Cruise

Taking a river cruse through the city to Greenwich.  Passengers will pass by the sights of the London from a unique perspective, see the flood barriers, and stop in Greenwich.  

Greenwich is home to the Prime Meridian, the National Maritime Museum, and the Royal Observatory.  Visitors can stand in both hemispheres, enjoy the ground of the old Royal Naval College, and learn about the history of time and sailing at the Museum.  

Learn more about the flood barriers here.  Learn more about Greenwich here. 

Shakespeare's Globe

The Globe Theater is a open air playhouse that puts on Shakespeare's plays.  The building is a reconstruction of the 1599 and 1614 playhouses, built in the same location. The productions use few props and are performed during the day, just how plays in Shakespeare's time would have been performed.

Students will experience a live play at the Globe.  Visit their website here.

West End Musicals

London's theater district is one of the best in the world. There is a wide variety of musicals, including long-running popular shows and new exciting ones.

Students will attend 2 musicals with the summer program, which vary every year. Visit the official London Theatre website here.